Quality management system

Our mission

The guiding principle of our company is to provide our mathematical, statistical and data management services

  • by applying innovative methods and tools

  • in a meaningful and comprehensive manner

  • with the necessary background knowledge on the customer's subject

  • in line with the customer's objectives.

Principles of our quality policy

Quality through competence

We endeavor to ensure the highest possible competence in implementing our customer's projects by the quality commitment in all areas of our company, by our highly qualified staff, and by innovative products and technologies.

Our focus is on our customers

To meet our customers' growing quality demands, we use most modern scientific methods and technical tools. Thereby we ensure project results standing out of those of our competitors.

Constant striving for improvement

It is important to us as a company to continuously develop the scientific and economic quality of our products and services. We regard this as an essential precondition to ensure the company's success, and to maintain and strengthen our market position.

Error prevention instead of error elimination

The concept of our quality assurance focuses on error prevention. Each employee is expected to personally commit for the correctness of our services.

Our employees are our capital

Our employees are our strength. They are in contact with our customers, and they play a decisive role in meeting our customers' demands on products and services. Our employees shape our reputation and our efficiency. We therefore deem a coherent personal development to be a significant contribution to our company's success. We put special emphasis on a working environment that has a positive influence on the motivation, sufficiency and performance of our staff.